If the goods you received are no longer what you want, you may exchange the product/s.

  1. Please feel free to contact us within seven (7) days of receiving the goods by email or telephone to arrange the exchange process of any unopened re-saleable items.
  2. Once the unopened items have been received by us we’ll be pleased to provide either an exchange or credit.
  3. If you decide on getting your money as in-store credit, this will be completed once the products are returned. In-store credits will take approximately 1-7 business days of goods being received and all details will be sent to the original supplied email address that was given to us upon purchase. The credit amount is the value of the returned product/s minus a restocking fee.
  4. If you decide to exchange the product with another product/s, please inform us of this. The new products will not be shipped out until the original products have been received by us. Extra shipping and handling cost may be incurred depending on the product/s.
  5. Products can only be exchanged via their method of collection.
  6. Please note that you will be responsible for any charges associated with the return of the product/s to us.
  7. If you are returning a product, we suggest using a shipping method that utilises tracking to help ensure its arrival. Unfortunately we are not responsible for the amount of time it take for a product to return to us, or if the product is lost or damaged during the return.
  8. If the product you would like to return is unopened and was ordered more than 28 days ago, or if the product was received as part of a previous exchange, we cannot accept the return for any reason.
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