MusclePharm Assault

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A truly complete athletic performance pre-workout system.
It's more than energy. It's REAL performance

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Assault sets the standard in pre-workouts for athletes looking to achieve peak results. University-studied and designed specifically for the modern-day athlete, Assault features Creatine and Beta-Alanine—2 proven and researched performance-enhancing ingredients for lean body mass, strength & power output and improved recovery time. For optimal energy levels, Assault contains a time-released carbohydrate matrix as well as the new and innovative ingredient TeaCrine®, which provides long-lasting, non-habit forming energy with a heightened, stimulated sense of focus. Together, these highly effective and scientifically validated ingredients create the most effective pre-workout on the market today. Achieve greater force, higher velocity, more lean muscle mass and improved endurance. Take your game to the next level with Assault!

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